Recently one of my German friend went to Agra to visit Taj Mahal and some other forts nearby, on his way to Taj Mahal taxi driver took him to some gem store where he spent around an hour to get convinced to buy a ring made of some rare gem in silver (as told by shop keeper). After deciding the price he agreed to pay 45000 Indian Rupees (US $950) for the same and gave me a call to make final decision. By god's grace the shop keeper was unable to explain the entire thing in Hindi which saved him from getting scammed in Agra. Later I checked online and found number of such cases where people got scammed. So kindly do not pay any heavy price for any rare gem till the time you are sure about the gem and its authenticity.

The precautions one can take:

  • Take taxi from Government Authorized stand or look for some Government Authorized Travel Agent only.

  • Do not visit shops suggested by local taxi/tuktuk drivers
  • Do not use your credit card on the spot, always keep some time to think before you buy anything expensive.
  • Do not fall for the promise that they will send gem to your home country so that you need not to pay duty.
  • Do not welcome any unwanted advice from strangers.

Atlast, go to Agra for visiting Taj Mahal but not to buy Gems, Carpets, Taj Mahal of white stone and whatever..