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Thread: Buland Darwaza Fatehpur Sikri

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    Buland Darwaza Fatehpur Sikri

    Buland Darwaza was build by great Mugal emperor Akbar in year 1601, basically Buland Darwaza means High or Great Gate in Persian, Akbar built it to commemorate his victory over Gujrat. It is located in Fatehpur Sikri around 43 km from Taj Mahal. It was built by Mugal Emperor Akbar in year 1601 and it stands tall till date. Buland Darwaza is made up of red and buff sandstone which is decorated by white and black marble.

    From Delhi:
    253 km, takes around 4 hours via Yamuna Expressway
    From Agra: 40 km, takes around 30 minutes via NH 11
    From Jaipur: 205 km, takes around 4 hours via NH 11

    Buland Darwaza is made up of red and buff sandstone, decorated by white n black marble.
    Height: Building is 40 meters high and height from ground is 50 meters.
    Floors: Its a 15 storied gateway with several watch towers on both sides.
    Wide: 35 meters.

    This is the first clear view of Buland Darwaza which we got while walking up on the way to Buland Darwaza, it was around 11 at night.
    Name:  DSCN1049.jpg
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    Corridor on the right side was used to offer free food to poor people during Mugal era
    Name:  DSCN1053.jpg
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    Just outside the Buland Darwaza
    Name:  DSCN1054.jpg
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    Saying from Holy Quran are written on three sides of Great Gateway
    Name:  DSCN1078.jpg
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    A closer look
    Name:  DSCN1086.jpg
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    Watchtower on the left of Buland Darwaza
    Name:  DSCN1089.jpg
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    Not only outside but even the inner walls are amazing and have really beautiful designs made up of marble and red stone
    Name:  DSCN1093.jpg
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    Standing just on the fist step of Buland Darwaza
    Name:  DSCN1094.jpg
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    Night view of Fatehpur Sikri from Buland Darwaza
    Name:  DSCN1096.jpg
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    Entrance gate of Buland Darwaza
    Name:  DSCN1098.jpg
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    Side wall of entry gate (please notice the red spit at the bottom corner)
    Name:  DSCN1099.jpg
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    Side gate on Buland Darwaza, stairway which goes to upper floor (not closed)
    Name:  DSCN1100.jpg
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    Upper floors from inside
    Name:  DSCN1102.jpg
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    Small entry door on the main gate of Buland Darwaza (it was closed when we reached at 11PM)
    Name:  DSCN1104.jpg
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    Yes all this garbage is on the Buland Darwaza only, I love my India..
    Name:  DSCN1105.jpg
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    Baouli on the right side of Buland Darwaza
    Name:  DSCN1106.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN1107.jpg
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    There was a time when people use to take drinking water from this Baouli but It was also dirty like anything
    Name:  DSCN1108.jpg
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    Yes its again at Buland Darwaza (world heritage site), may I request ASI to please look in to this matter.
    Name:  DSCN1112.jpg
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    Yes Buland Darwaza again, we tried to get the attention of ASI personnel but it was totally useless attempt
    Name:  DSCN1115.jpg
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    Graves near to Baouli
    Name:  DSCN1116.jpg
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    Got this clicked while wandering in market during late night hours
    Name:  DSCN1622.jpg
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    This is the old street which goes to Buland Darwaza, Buland Darwaza was the gate for common people and they used this way to reach it
    Name:  DSCN1632.jpg
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    Click from the way of common people
    Name:  DSCN1634.jpg
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    50 meters hight, 35 meters wide building looks great at night
    Name:  DSCN1635.jpg
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    Magnificent architecture, I am sure Indian Govt. can't built one even today
    Name:  DSCN1636.jpg
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    Different shade
    Name:  DSCN1637.jpg
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    Few more clicks at night
    Name:  DSCN1639.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN1640.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN1642.jpg
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    Watchtower on the left side of Buland Darwaza
    Name:  DSCN1645.jpg
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    Few more clicks at night
    Name:  DSCN1648.jpg
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    Broken Graves outside Buland Darwaza
    Name:  DSCN1651.jpg
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    Closer view of broken grave
    Name:  DSCN1652.jpg
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    Side view of Buland Darwaza
    Name:  DSCN1654.jpg
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    We really loved everything about this monument but the only fact which made me cry was poor maintenance of this wonderful monument, I hope one day Indian Govt. and ASI will wakeup to take care of our heritage.

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    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Didnt you click any during day time?

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    Buland Darwaza is one of the most visited sights of Agra. This great architecture is located in Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, India. This spot is also known as Gate of Magnificence. It was built by the Akbar in 601 A.D. Its height is 40 meters and width is 35 meter. It is built with red sandstone and decorated by carving and inlaying of white marble.

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    Thats amazing thanks for share.

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