Arignar Anna zoological park is also known as Vandaloor Zoo is located in Chennai (next to Tambaram). This place is a wildlife reserve where one can expect to see a large variety of species starting from birds, reptiles, nocturnal animals, herbivores, carnivores…etc. it is the first public zoo of India announced by central zoo authority of India. The most ferocious animals like Tiger, lion, leopard are also kept for public to view, so if you have kids at home they will enjoy this trip a lot. The most interesting thing of the Arignar Anna zoological park is they also have lion safari (which means people are taken near the lions in caved vans so that they can see the mighty king of forest nearer to them, although children’s should be watched carefully that they don’t leave their hands out of the caged vans).

It is about fifteen kilometers from Chennai airport, so it wouldn’t be a long distance journey for people who don’t know about Chennai city. The ecosystem of zoo consists of dry deciduous trees and evergreen scrub forests of the Eastern Ghats. This trip will give you a fresh air of wildlife to its core.

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