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Thread: What to wear in India, some tips

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    What to wear in India, some tips

    Hi everyone,

    I am leaving for India in 48 hours and looking forward to welcome some challenges which I might face during my stay in India. Some of my western friends advised me to wear salwar kurta or jeans with casual shirts/t-shirts only. Is there any harm in wearing western clothes in India or females are not allowed to wear western outfits?

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    Once you are in India its advised to understand and follow the customs and etiquettes of the country. Here you have two good choices to keep your stay fun filled.

    Wear western clothes
    You can wear anything like cargo pants, knee length lowers, Capri, jeans, shirts, t-shirt, tops or anything which is presentable but not too sexy. It would be a good idea to avoid wearing bikinis, tube tops, micro miniskirts or anything which is exposing more than required. Showing deep curves of your body is indecent in India.

    Wear Indian clothes
    This is the best thing one can do while staying in India. Wearing salwaar kameez or saari can save you from any unwanted attention and will surely reward you with number of compliments. It’s really not required to wear full length clothes even jeans n top or capris are totally welcome

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