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Thread: Girls Hostel in New Delhi

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    Girls Hostel in New Delhi


    Can somebody suggest me a good girls hostel in Delhi, I will be spending around 3 months in Delhi, any good working women hostel will be alright for me and I never work in night shifts so 24 hour service is not required in my case.

    I am traveling alone, so I am a bit concerned about my safety too, please suggest something in the New Delhi area only.


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    Hi Emmy

    Welcome to India and India Travel Forum.

    As per your requirement I think YWCA working women hostel on Jai Singh Road, Connaught Place is the best fit, plus you can check Swati working women hostel on Mandir Marg which is just 2 km from Connaught Place.

    Please update if you need any more details

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    YWCA hostel is generally jam packed from whatever little I know. There is a massive hostel opposite "Sanjay Park" in Sarojni nagar. You havent mentioned where you would be working but this one is centrally located.

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