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Thread: Regarding Kufri

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    Regarding Kufri

    I am planning a 2 day trip. Can someone tell me if kufri is worth visiting or if there is any other tourist spot nearby?

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    Kufri is around 15kms from Shimla and it takes around 30 mins from Shimla to Kufri. I have spent some really nice days of my life in Kufri and to be honest I like it more than Shimla. You have several options in Kufri
    * Horse Riding: Horse stand looks shitty and it stinks but once you are out of it you can enjoy horse riding on hills and if you go just a bit out of path then you have the chance to feel real ups n downs on the edge of hills.
    * Kufri Zoo (got Panther, Tiger, White Tiger and bears and ya its good for kids)
    * Fagu valley: This is the place where you have to leave the horse and go all the way walking in the valley. Its really nice place to spend some extra hours
    * Shiva Temple: This is the same temple where Jai Jai Shiv Shankar kaanta lage na kankar song was filmed. One of its own kind of Hindu Temple, its one of the oldest worship places in India.
    * Jungle Safari: This is something which you can do at your own risk (during night hours), its one of my fav activity in Kufri Locals are kind and will not bother you but some wild animals and monkeys can kill the silence.

    If you are going to Kufri then prefer staying in Kufri Holiday Inn, hotel is clean and room rent is reasonable with good service and courteous staff.

    Hope it helps and if it doesn't then consider tagging me along

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    I was in Kufri for one day 4-5 years back They were constructing a Go Kart track back then. The place is beautiful enough without any such gimmicks but too much tourism is spoiling the place

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