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Thread: Fatehpur Sikri Hotel Gulistan (Gulistan Tourist Complex)

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    Fatehpur Sikri Hotel Gulistan (Gulistan Tourist Complex)

    City: Fatehpur Sikri

    We stayed in this UPSTDC Hotel for around 10 days, its located at a walking distance from Fatehpur Sikri main parking and walking distance from Buland Darwaza and Fatehpur Sikri Fort too. Hotel is really good with experienced n courteous staff, rooms were clean and we had no complains with the facilities too. Sometimes it take extended time for waiters to get you the food but food quality is good so we didn't complain. It's a single story hotel so all the rooms are on the ground level which open on the lawn.

    We stayed in room no 3 which is AC Deluxe priced at 1400 per night.

    Nearby places of interest:
    Fatehpur Skiri Fort: Around 500 meters, 5 minutes walk
    Buland Darwaza: Around 400 meters, 5 minutes walk
    Bharatpur bird century: 21 km, 15 minutes drive
    Agra: 35 km, 45 minutes drive
    Sikandra: 37 km, 45 minutes drive

    Gulistan Tourist Complex
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    Neat n clean reception
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    Lobby area, best thing of hotel is Maiquada lol
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    First lawn just outside restaurant, a nice place to enjoy morning tea or evening snacks
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    Gallery to rooms
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    Main lawn, its well maintained and bonfire can be arranged on demand
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    Never saw this kind of trees before in my life and many birds like to sit on these trees
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    Just a black n white click of main lawn
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    They have a nice sitting arrangement in main lawn (just outside the rooms)
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    Bharatpur Bird Century is not very far from here so you can see number of birds all day long
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    Bird sitting on our table, birds even enjoy sharing potato chips in lawn
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    Peacocks are very regular to this hotel can sometimes you can even see them right outside your hotel room
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    Peacocks in main lawn
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    Nights are peaceful and silent, bonfire can be arranged on demand
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    Bird in main lawn
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    It makes me remember angry birds of iPhone
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    Sharing tea with a bird sounds fun..
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    In total we enjoyed our stay at this UP Govt. property and will return there for sure.

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    This hotel also has arrangements for bonfire for a charge of Rs500 and they provide enough wood to last more then 4-5 hours. They never had a problem providing some extra firewood without an extra charge. Me and Leo have been there a few times and sipping beer with the bon fire on is a good experience. Food is not all that to talk about but compared to other options available at Fatehpur sikri this is by far the best place in my experience.

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