I'm living in Delhi and I've been doing some research by phone and internet on buying a complete trekking gear for myself at the lowest possible cost without compromising for quality. It's better to pay 15-20% extra for a reliable product, rather than buy a cheaper but unknown quality product.
I'll really appreciate if someone suggests some improvements

Rucksack is important as it carries everything and if your rucksack is damaged, you're going to have a very inconvenient trip. I'm looking for 60 L or higher
Stikage : Rs 2600-2800
Wildcraft: Rs 5300
Rocksport: Rs 3800
Quechua: Rs 3300

Tent should be waterproof, easy to use and lightweight. It's the single or double sized one that I need:
Stikage: Rs 6000
Wildcraft: Rs 5000
Rocksport: Rs 3500
Quechua: Rs 3100

Sleeping Bag I need is for near zero temperature. Better be safe than sorry:
Stikage: Rs 2200
Wildcraft: Rs 2900
Rocksport: Rs 2800
Quechua: Rs 2600-4000

Lamp. Torch
Rs 400 to Rs 800

Multifunction Tool

Rs 800 to Rs 2000

Stove ?
Not really sure what to do about that. Should I go for liquid fueled or solid tablet fueled ?

Whar are the options available here for ready to eat meals like the one available for army men ?

Waterproof jacket and trousers ? Which brand ?

I realise the importance of good shoes but I've an old foot injury, so I can't wear heavy hiking shoes for long time. I've traveled a bit in RBK, Nike sneakers and they are light and easy on my feet. Is it really necessary to buy hiking shoes ?

That's about all that I can think of. Missing anything ?