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Thread: Do's and Dont's for tourists visiting India

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    Post Do's and Dont's for tourists visiting India


    • Always stay in approved hotels.
    • Make enquiries at the information buerau located at Railway stations/Bus stands.
    • Check authorization of paying guest accommodation before staying.
    • Always keep your hotel room locked.
    • Settle the amount of fare with the driver for hired vehicle before embarking on the journey.
    • Inform your friend/relative about the registration no. of the hired vehicle and mobile no of its driver.
    • Ensure payment by credit cards is made only once for each bill and in your presence.
    • Eat food that you buy yourself.
    • Ensure safety of your passport and other precious belongings.


    • Don't stay with or coaxed into staying with strangers.
    • Don't allow any stranger into your room for a drink/snacks or just a chat.
    • Don't leave your valuables, luggage with driver.
    • Don't sign on blank letter heads or bills.
    • Avoid developing relations for furthering business with unknown persons who are sweet talkers.
    • Avoid shopping at shops recommended by driver/guides.
    • Never carry your wallet in the rear pocket while shopping.
    • Don't go in for free lunch and dinner or drinks.
    • Don't roam around during the late hours of night.
    • Don't give lift to strangers.
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    thanks for sharing this information. It helps tourist a lot.
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    The sweetness of strangers can be take part of big miss happening. I want to add some more things into this information, If you are traveling alone by bus don't sit on the back seats of the bus. Sometime we become careless for our luggage at the time of napping and people takes advantage and can steal your money or other luxury items from your bag.
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    It is really very good information for tourist. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

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    Helpful for Tourists. Important points to be noted.

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