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Thread: Best places to visit in India

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    Best places to visit in India

    List out the best places to visit in India.

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    That is a very small question with a very long answer so lets start with what is it that you want from your holiday? Anything in particular you looking for, like beaches, hill stations, desert, lakes or something at a very high altitude like Leh?

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    In India, there is every place is for visit and you can go for.
    Here Some Places you should go for
    1. Rajasthan
    2. Himachal Pradesh
    3. Haridwar
    4. Rishikesh
    5. Banglore
    6. Calcutta
    7. Mumbai
    8. Kerala
    9. Uttrakhand
    10. Karnataka
    11. Meghalaya
    12. Andaman and Nicobar
    13. Tamilnadu
    14. Goa
    15. Maharastra

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