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Thread: India or Nepal - for meditation

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    India or Nepal - for meditation

    I am visiting Indian sub-subcontinent (India and Nepal) for 3 months and my sole purpose of the visit is Meditation and Yoga, I have checked some forums and websites to know more about the same but till now I am not sure where to go?

    One side of my mind is telling me to stay in India and other side of my mind is telling to stay in Nepal. Can somebody tell me which place is better for meditation and yoga and it will be really helpful if you can tell me any specific ashram or place from where I can get meditation and yoga classes both.

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    We are in winters right now and during this time of the year, I think South India is better for meditation and Yoga. North India and Nepal both are freezing cold right now and practicing yoga in open area during morning hours is bit difficult here right now so as a beginner you should look for Kerala. There are many ashrams and institutes where you can practice yoga in twice a day (morning and evening sessions) and keep rest of the day for sight seeing and body massage.
    Let me know if you like the idea

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