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Thread: Pushakar Trip to land of Brahma

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    Pushakar Trip to land of Brahma

    Delhi - Gurgaon NH8 - Jaipur - Ajmer - Pushkar

    Distance: 400kms from Delhi, 150kms from Jaipur and 22kms from Ajmer

    How to reach
    By Air: Nearst airport is Jaipur which is around 160kms

    By Train: Nearest railway station is Ajmer which is well connected by Indian Rail network work and have number of regular trains from all major cities. After reaching Ajmer one can easily get an taxi or bus to Pushkar.

    By Taxi: There are various tour operators who provide taxi on hire at per km basis

    Pushkar is a holy town is Rajasthan, which got its name from God Brahma. The meaning of word Pushkar is lotus flower which is said to be the seat of God Brahma. It is considered as ancient holy place but these days Pushkar is totally famous in all kind of travelers like backpackers from Europe, America, China and Israel. Some people visit Pushkar to relax and practice Yoga and some people visit Pushkar for its famous camel safaris and to see the sunset at Pushkar Lake.

    Places to visit and see
    Brahma temple: It is the only Brahma temple on earth

    Pushkar Lake: It is believed that this lake is one of the oldest lake which got created when earth was created, it is surrounded by 52 ghats (banks) and every ghat got a temple.

    Savitri temple: It is located on the hill top which can be seen from Pushkar Lake, the temple is dedicated to goddess Savitri wife of god Brahma. It takes around 1 hour of walk on hill to reach this temple but the view from the top is really beautiful.

    Gurudwara Singh Sabha: Its the only Gurudwara in Pushkar and is situated at the entrance of Pushkar.

    Panchkund Shiva Temple: It is very old Shiva temple which was made by Pandavas

    Chamunda temple: Chamunda temple is one of the 52 Shakti Peeths.

    Kalpavriksha: According to Hindu mythology Kalpavriksha is a divine tree which is said to fulfill all desires.

    This to do in Pushkar
    Camel Safari: You can go on morning or evening camel safari to visit nearby villages and desert area
    visit Savitri temple which is about an hour walk from Pushkar lake
    Can try Bhaang (cannabis) which is sold as an herb on government authorized shops
    See sunset at Pushkar lake and and attend evening prayer. Chimes of bells and lamps on opposite side of lake looks really beautiful after sunset

    What to buy
    Pushkar is famous for its garments, handicrafts and gems so a short walk in local market can bring some smiles.

    Pushkar lake at night
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    Sunset at Pushkar Lake
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    Kalpvirksha on the way to Pushkar
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    Hanuman temple where we found this Kalpvriksha
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    *Pushkar is a holy place so liqor and non vegetarian food is not allowed in Pushkar, all the hotels and restaurants serve vegetarian food only.

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    Dargah Ajmer Sharif

    On our way back to Delhi we went to Dargah Ajmer Sharif and spent around an hour listening to qawwali and praying.

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    Pushkar is also very beautiful place in rajasthan.Main thing isPushkar is only one temple of lord Brahma in all over world.Atmosphere of pushkar is so holy and also keep our mind peacefully.
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    Pushkar is so peaceful and spiritual city and the only city which is having a temple of Hindu Diety Brahma.

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    Awesome Post about Pushkar with details. Pushkar is really a great city to go.

    Quote Originally Posted by shubh199308 View Post
    Pushkar is so peaceful and spiritual city and the only city which is having a temple of Hindu Diety Brahma.
    No, it is not only one city that has Bramha Temple, Pushkar is famous for Bramha temple but it is not only one, there are other cities in India too, below is the list

    Khokhan, Kullu Himachal Prades
    Bajurua Rd, Mandi
    Barmer, Rajasthan
    Panaji Goa
    Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu

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    what is the budget for 4 people in Puskar

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