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Thread: Fagu near Shimla

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    Fagu near Shimla

    Fagu is a very small village around 22kms away from Shimla which gives the real feel of Himalaya and its a place totally away from the noise of big cities. The place is totally surrounded by snow covered mountains and and got the highest peak near Shimla (snow point at 9000ft.). If you are planing your trip to Fagu then remember you will not find any market, mall or any modern facility in this town, all what you can get here is good view of snow covered mountains, fruit gardens, potato farms, cool and calm atmosphere endowed with romantic ambiance. Just to give a better idea, Fagu got its name from fog itself

    How to reach:
    Keep driving straight from Shilma to Kufri to Fagu


    Delhi to Fagu distance: 371 km (takes around 10 hours)
    Chandigarh to Fagu distance: 134 km (takes around 4 hours)
    Shimla to Fagu distance: 20 km (takes around 40 minutes)
    Kufri to Fagu distance: 5 km (takes around 15 minutes)

    My last trip to Fagu was full of excitement and yes I got many wonderful clicks here, sharing a few of them.

    View from my room ( Hotel Apple Blossom, Fagu)
    Name:  2012-08-24 09.54.51.jpg
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    Snow View Bar and Restaurant at 9000 ft.
    Name:  2012-08-24 12.43.41.jpg
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    View of sky from my room
    Name:  2012-08-24 18.07.28.jpg
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    Mountain on the other side of room
    Name:  2012-08-24 18.07.50.jpg
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    Clicked it few meters away from hotel, while driving towards Chail
    Name:  2012-08-24 18.40.17.jpg
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    Another click from the window of my room, a foggy view of mountais covered with clouds
    Name:  2012-08-25 11.32.06.jpg
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    Fagu potato farm
    Name:  20120824_125018.jpg
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    Spider web at 9000 ft. (snow point)
    Name:  20120824_125937.jpg
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    Just another click while walking back to hotel
    Name:  20120824_130319.jpg
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    Temple above 9000 ft. I did not visit the temple this time but very soon will get some clicks for all
    Name:  20120824_130617.jpg
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    Clicked while walking down to hotel apple blossom
    Name:  20120824_152153.jpg
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    Yaks in Fagu, it is one of the most favorite activity of girls (to get a picture clicked with yaks)
    Name:  20120825_124018.jpg
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    Modern School Fagu, clicked from hotel room
    Name:  DSC07801.jpg
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    Modern Public High School, Fagu. Look at the teachers standing in ground are wearing warm clothes in the month of August, when Delhi was at around 38C
    Name:  DSC07805.jpg
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    Another click from hotel, roads down here are not in real good condition due to rains and heavy snowfall
    Name:  DSC07817.jpg
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    Clicked while walking back to hotel, young guy told me the way to Jungle (totally off the trail after a mile)
    Name:  DSC07837.jpg
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    Way to Fagu snow point
    Name:  DSC07838.jpg
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    Hotel Apple Blossm totally covered with fog, Name of place is totally justifying itself
    Name:  DSC07843.jpg
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    Totally peaceful wild horse, showed no sign of disturbance while I was clicking his pictures
    Name:  DSC07851.jpg
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    Fagu is one of the best and beautiful tourist attraction sport near at the Shimla. During the flower season people can enjoy beautiful apple orchards in Fagu, Terrace-farmed fields giving an eye catching view, an atmosphere is very cool and fresh because that sport is surrounded by Tall Deodar trees. Then there are some best hotels are also available in Fagu for it's visitors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manyasingh View Post
    So what are some other destinations near Fagu. Which i can see when i am on a Shimla trip.
    There are many places like Tataa paani, Chail, Kufri and if you are willing to extend your trip then look forward for Dharamshala too

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    Those are some wonderful pictures. Which camera do you use? The frame is pretty wide for a hotshot so I am guessing it is something with a decent lense.

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