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Thread: J&K Valley

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    J&K Valley

    Jammu & Kashmir are the two facets of the same state criss crossed by the great Himalaya , the pir panjal & the zanskar range 7 offers you a complete holiday.

    whether you want a pilgrimage ,a lazy holiday or the spinning thrilling chills , they are all here in one state. What's more is that you can explore the region at your own pace by air or by road

    Jammu, with the eponymous town has a sky line pierced by myriads of temples & Kashmir provides options for your dreams

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    Quote Originally Posted by alinawatson38 View Post
    yeah as much I know about Jammu & Kashmir ! I just know that India & Pakistan keep fight with each other just for Kashmir ! They both want to get Kashmir at any of cost.
    In 1947, ruler of J&K wanted to have sometime before deciding on which country to join or stay neutral. Instead of waiting for his decision, Pakistanis attacked using their regular army thinly disguised as tribals. The king then decided to merge with India after which Indian army entered J&K to fight the Paki invaders at the king's request. Pakis don't have any legal claim on territory

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