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Thread: Weekend getaways near Kolkata

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    Weekend getaways near Kolkata

    Mushidabad was the capital of nawabs during mugal period and it got some nice building of historical importance. Hazarduari Palace is one building which attracts tourist interest. Its around 230kms (5 hours drive) from Kolkata

    Taki is about 70kms from Kolkata and is best known for "Chhanar Malpoa", the best time to visit Taki is during Durga Pooja. Otherwise a short road trip is good to see India Bangladesh border and a nice place to sip some beer on the bank of river.

    Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta temples and the balucheri sarees, it takes around 3 hours (125kms) from Kolkata to reach Bishnupur. Here you can spend good time in old buildings and temples from 16th and 17th century.

    Henry Island is another breathtaking place just about 4 hours (140kms) away from Kolkata, its best known for lonely deserted beaches and dense mangrove forest. If you are lucky then during early morning hours you can find some red fiddler crabs on beaches. Yes another good place to enjoy beer with friends but remember not spoil the place by littering

    Sunderban National Park is the best place to spend the weekend, its one of my fav place to take a walk. This place got of dense mangrove forest which provides home to number of birds, reptiles and around 400 Bengal tigers. There are around 54 small islands which provides home to crocodiles.

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    Add another day or two to the weekend and you could go to Nainital or Mukteshwar. I always see lots of tourists from Kolkata whenever I go there.

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    Hie, near kolkatta you will get much more to see.
    some of the major attraction near to kolkatta in Mandarmoni are -
    Digha Beach, Tajpur, Shankarpur

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