I am a person to see the different places and to meet the different races. Hence I decided to move this time to any hill station as I never overcome to any hilly area trip. The beginnings were auspicious I here said as beginning in the plural sense as it does not meant lot that how long and complicated was your trip but it only means when we conceive it then with anticipating the planning and the preparation we
used to plans more and more but somewhere it remain to be not done so it only said to be done when you finally depart at last it is only end of beginning. But anyways I this time made promise that I will definitely had the experience of hills so I packed my bag to move to the beautiful and clean place Kullu-Manali.

I boarded for Delhi first I was very excited to reach as soon as possible after my trip begin for manali. I went there by road and finally after kullu met with my first landslide accident we had to wait there for 4-5 hours I was getting little annoyed but no matters there was excitement to reach. I utilized the time as I love to have the snaps of mine. After journey again begins now the another thing happened with me the tire got punctured oh my God that was really shit as we were on hill no shop to repair was not there now we have to wait there for long time after again we proceeded finally I reached my hotel, that was so beautiful. It was 2 storey room at back the river was softly flowing I really felt peace seeing to it and a far away snow covered mountain was too visible.wow it was so cool to watch. Next day planning was to catch that snowy mountain in Rohtang our journey begin .As we were on way another accident got happen this time I got saved very shortly due to my driver suddenly a big rock tumbled rolled from the mountain. Again we moved here again the last accident took place our car slipped over a place where it was muddy again the hero was my driver he saved us otherwise……finally I touched snow at rohtang it was really a great feeling my all hazardous things moved out of my mind at that time. I did too fun over there. After we left the place shortly to move to other places another day like Hidimba temple, Mall road, Club house etcetra.

I did lot of shopping in mall road too finally my trip got over and I had to board to my city the sun rays was dazzling on my face. I wake and get ready to check out. I went out the place with the memories of the river, snow, hills, meadows, shinny sun n all. It was so nice that I felt in love with the place. Must o for once that peaceful and clean place outside the hotchpotch life schedule.