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Thread: Honeymoon in Manali or Shimla

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    Honeymoon in Manali or Shimla


    I am getting married in October and planing my honeymoon in Shimla or Manali. I want to spend my time in quite and peaceful place (away from city crowd) so is it worth going to Shimla or Manali. I am kind of confused and got some questions:
    1. Which place is better for honeymoon (Shimla or Manali)
    2. Is there any possibility to find snow in any of these places
    3. Is it better to arrange it on my own or do I need a travel agent
    4. Is there any risk in any area
    5. Any romantic places or activities around

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    You are more likely to see snow at Manali. Manali is a long way from Gurgaon and Shimla would be a lesser drive. Manali I suppose is a better option for your kind of trip. You havent mentioned your budget else I would have suggested a few hotels in Manali too.

    If you decide to go to Manali then make sure you have arrangements for an over night stay some where in the middle or even Shimla may be because the drive to Manlia is long. Shimla is just two hours from Chandigarh.

    My reply comes a bit late but just in case you need a second honeymoon

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