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Thread: Best way to get money (cash) in India

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    Best way to get money (cash) in India

    In a weeks’ time I would be off for my first Indian vacation, but before leaving for India I was just wondering about money matters and carrying cash. Is it safe to carry cash all the time or can I withdraw it from ATM's anytime (I have a Debit and a Credit card). One of my friend has suggested to convert dollars into Indian Rupees at the airport but I am not convinced with the idea to carry so much cash.

    I just would like to know is it possible for me to use my US Debit/Credit card in Indian ATM's and if yes how much fee I have to pay per transaction.

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    The money exchangers at the airport charge stupid amount of commision and their exchange rates are too bad. You would end up loosing 12-15% value there. You can take out cash out of ATM machines all across India and the fees would depend on your own bank so you are better of asking your own bank. Exchanging US dollars for Indian rupees is never a problem anywhere in India.

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    You can money exchange via westen money exchange.

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    Why carry cash, just carry your ATM card and withdraw the cash in India according to your need.

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