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Thread: ATM Withrawal maximum limits in India

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    ATM Withrawal maximum limits in India

    I have the pleasure of making the first post on this forum Found this forum using advertisement on Google search. Ive never been the first person to post on a forum before

    Coming to the point. I was wondering what the maximum limit is for ATM withdrawals per transaction because my bank charges me per transaction regardless of what the amount if while using the card abroad so it would be good to know what ATM limits are.
    I will carry some cash with me for emergencies but for my daily expenses I plan to use my ATM card every two days or so.

    I am hoping some one would reply although I am not keeping my hopes very high as this forum is brand new

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    Most ATM machines have a limit of Rs10000 per transaction but there are some that allow more but I wouldnt count on them as they are very few and would be hard to find one when you need them. Federal bank ATMs allow Rs25k per transactions and there may be others that I don't know about. Most ATMs will allow you to swipe your card more then once and take out as much as your card allows but 10k per transaction.

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