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Thread: Ideal time to visit Mumbai

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    Ideal time to visit Mumbai

    The best / ideal time to visit Mumbai is between October and February. It is best to avoid the monsoon months .. During this time Mumbai becomes a big overflowing pothole.Typically the weather is mostly humid year round. It never gets too cold and the extremes of both heat and cold remains within 30 degrees.

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    But for those who want to see real mumbai the best time is monsoon atleast for young couples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by preeti22 View Post
    But for those who want to see real mumbai the best time is monsoon at least for young couples.
    During that time it gets really very messy everywhere, beaches start stinking like dead fish, lots of traffic jam, Gorai 2 (near essel world) looks so dirty and lots of chaos
    It's good if you are staying in a hotel near to Gateway, Churchgate, Marine, Bandra or Worli as these areas are concrete and well maintained where you can go for a walk/romantic walk and sip chaai on road side stalls

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    That's very true, I visited mumbai in April-May and it was so much of humid weather, even we were not in the mood of going anywhere just because of dirty humid weather.

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