Chilka Lake bears the pride for the largest coastal lagoon in India. It is situated at the South Eastern part of the Indian sub-continent. It can be rightly called as the “Home of endangered species” . This lake has a large number of flora and fauna resources. A large number of bird species migrate here from various parts of the world. It is a pleasant site to see many rare species of bird’s .The Nalbana Bird sanctuary is one of the famous sanctuaries present in the Chilka lake wetlands. It is the home of rare species such as Asiatic Dowitchers, Spot- billed pelican, Dalmatian Pelican etc.

It is one of the hotspots of bio-diversity in the country .The tourists coming here almost forget themselves in the ethnic beauty of this lake. It is a place renowned for its aqua fauna and also an ideal place for those interested in photography. The Chilka Lake is also a home for many rare species of fishes such as milk, fish, ten pounder, Irrawaddy dolphins’ etc. October – January and May-June are the peak seasons for dolphin watching, and this attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe.

Chilka Lake caters to each and every need of the tourists, with its varied floral, faunal and ecological wealth, thus making it a place to watch out for.