Odisha formerly known as Orissa is present in the east coast of India. It can also be called as the state of rivers as a large number of rivers flow through this state. It is an awesome tourist place which welcomes all its visitors with its unique simplicity and grace. There are several places that attract people to flood in such as the Puri beach, the Sun temple, the Jagannath temple etc.. It comprises of a large number of temples which stand grand and majestic across the ages. The temples conform to the Indo-Aryan style of architecture.

The Lingaraj temple at Bhvaneshwar comprises of a 150 foot high deul. The famous Sun temple at Konark is the largest of the temples in the Golden triangle. It is one of the master pieces of the Odisha architecture. It also is a treasure trove of flora and fauna. The Bhitar Kanika National park is famous for its second largest mangrove ecosystem. There are several other eco-tours such as bird sanctuary in Chilika, tiger reserve and water falls in Simplipal national park. There are other ssanctuaries which feature on the list of avid nature watchers. Odisha is thus a picturesque place with breath-taking waterfalls, lush green forest cover and shines as a heaven for tourists