Soon I have to attend one of my best friends wedding in Punjab, after which I will be travelling to few more places like Delhi, Shimla, Goa and Kerla but here my concern is different and seeking for some answers from people who are in India.

What can I wear for wedding function as I don't want to wear a suit and will be looking for some Indian dress, my Indian friends told me that during wedding all the guests go dancing on streets from Grooms home to Brides home (is that true) and according to tradition one has to touch feet of all the elders (so would that be a good idea if I also consider the same). I know about spicy Indian food and have tried it several times here so I am sure it would not be an issue for me.

Apart from all this what precautions should I take during my stay in India as its my first visit and I am totally unaware of culture and lifestyle of India.