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Thread: Thanjavur Art and Architecture

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    Thanjavur Art and Architecture

    Thanjavur is one of the ancient cities in India. It has a long and varied history dating back to the Sangam Period. The name Thanjavur is derived from "Tanjan", a legendary evil asura according to Hindu Mythology. It served as the capital city of the Chola dynasty. Thanjavur is the hometown of large varieties in South Indian Art and Architecture. One of the greatest work among the Cholas the Brihadeeswara Temple is placed right at the center of the city.
    Thanjavur also acts as the base of a large number of paintings and sculptures. The Tanjore painting The Carnatic Music as of know today was coded from Thanjavur, so also Bharathanatyam. It is also rightly known as the Rice Bowl of South India, It attracts tourists from various parts of the world. The nine temples which are located at several places across the city together constitute the Navagraha. Thanjavur also has few recreation spots namely, Nayakar Palace , Sivaganga Park, Rajarajan Manimandapam and Tamil Conference Memorial Tower at the Tholkaapiar Square. So Thanjavur is no less a place worth to travel and enjoy its ethnical beauty. A place from which fond, sweet, pleasant memories can be drawn from.

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    Yes very true If we like art and architecture, we will love Thanjavur and the Cauvery delta region which apart from its exquisite ancient temples, also has serene rural places to visit. You can also go to Trichy and Srirangam.

    I am planning to visit Pondicherry and then to tanjore on a bike. Can you provide some advice on my itinerary and how to get around? am plan to travel with best indian tour operator.I like nature so I'm hoping to see some animals on my trip. I'd also like to see some culture like music, local arts, and architecture. Maybe a homestay if possible.
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