The Courtallam falls located at Tamil Nadu in South India is rightly known as 'The Spa of South India'. It is called so because of the enormous waterfalls that are present in this region and also because of the various resorts which are studded in this area. Courtallam comprises of nine waterfalls namely Peraruvi, Chitaruvi, Shenbaga Devi falls, Thenaruvi, Aintharuvi (5 falls), Pazha thotta aruvi (VIP Falls), Pazhaya Courtalla Aruvi (Old Courtallam Falls), Puli Aruvi (Tiger falls). There are several other falls present which are not as big compared to the other falls.

The falls also show the presence of medicinal value . It strikes the ground with force that is frees our body from any muscular pain and stress. The massages done over here is famous in relieving head and body pain . There are a lot of centers open for this cause . The falls provide the tourists with a spectacular environment and they are dumbstruck and transfixed at the astonishing beauty of the waterfalls. It is well served by transport facilities covering all the nearby cities . It is one of the places where fun is guaranteed for sure . Take a break and enjoy the falls and get relieved from physical and psychological stresses.

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