You may be wondering why its said ‘take a click’, the reason behind is that there is no place like this one where nature is at its purest green form. It is one of the picture perfect places and if you are among of us who like to trek, then give this place one best shot. You will be mesmerized in the scenic beauty and infinite solitude that this place offers you. A lot is there to tell about this place but I believe that if you personally visit this place you would get a different feeling for this kind of amazing place.

If you are bored from your routine life and hectic work, you could always hop on to this TOPSLIP to get a nature’s breath at its purest form, the birds which make that tiny little sound which are rare to see and exotic too, the diverse fauna that which is present here makes you feel like that you are in the hands of nature god.

Where to find this place?
It is near Coimbatore (Tamilnadu) near Nilgiris biosphere reserve, if you are travelling from Tamilnadu side then Pollachi would be the nearest access point to this place.

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