Velankanni is a holy town present in Nagapattinam in South India. It is renowned for its Shrine dedicated to Mother Mary This shrine is said to have comprised of great healing powers and there are a lot of people witnessing this healing touch of Our Lady of Good Health. History tells that once a group of Portugese sailors while travelling through sea caught in the cyclone were saved by the prayers to Mother Mary and they decided to raise a Church to Mother Mary at this place. It initially started as a dome overhead and eventually turned out into a miraculous shrine. It attracts pilgrims from several parts of the world. People come in leap and bounds without any difference in religion or any disparities.

Apart from the Holy Shrine Velankanni is also famous for its beaches, inns and shopping centers. The beaches are a good time pass and enjoyment for the tourists. There are numerous inns which offer utmost comfortability and healthy food. A lane full of commodities such as sea shells, plastic articles etc. are present. We would to taste rare variety of delicious fresh fishes. Enjoy the beauty of Velai and take home abundant blessings of Mother Mary.

Church of Velankanni
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