Nagercoil is one of the popular towns in South India which got from its name from the famous Nagaraja Temple that is present in this area. The famous Koodankulam power plant is situated at about 35 kilometers from this city. There are two famous temples the Nagaraja temple and the Thanumalayan temple at Suchindram which attracts tourists from several parts of South India. The principal deity in the Nagaraja temple, being Nagaraja (The King of Snakes) is offered milk by the devotees. The Suchindram temple is an unique one, as it comprises of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma as presiding God.

Nagercoil also comprises of the ancient St.Francis Xavier’s Church which was built around 1600 A.D. It is considered as a place where the holy saint visits and stayed and sacred to Christians. The Mudakkal reservoir is another scenic beauty which is surrounded by the hills of the Western Ghats. An island is present in the middle of the reservoir which makes tourists enjoy the place even more. It also shows the presence of lush green fields on the slope of the Western Ghats ideally suiting photography. There are several other places such as the Udayagiri Fort, Vattakottai Fort, Muttom Beach, Ullakaarvi Waterfalls which add on to the beauty of this place.Nagercoil thus gains attention of tourists from across India and turned out into a bustling city.