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Thread: Bungy Jumping in Rishikesh

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    Bungy Jumping in Rishikesh

    Seems like Rishikesh is calling me again for this adventure sport. Jumping Heights Extreme Adventure Sports Company is located around 15kms (30mins) away from Lakshman Jhula in Rishikesh. If you already been to Rishikesh (Shivpuri) for White Water Rafting then its the second stop for you. There are 3 main adventure sports which you can enjoy there:

    Bungy Jumping
    It's 83 meters high Bungy platform which is maintained and operated by trained and experienced staff from New Zealand, according to me its totally safe to try only if you are not a heart patient or scared of heights. Crew down here is really supportive and co-operative, instructor/coach Ms. Martina is young lady from New Zealand and the first person who backups the bungy jumping platform and helps you to understand what is bungy and how it feels.

    Minimum age for Bungy Jump: 12 years
    Weight limit: 35kgs to 110kgs

    In total I am sure its worth trying

    Flying fox
    Its second extreme adventure which looks like my favorite one as in this act you are released from a height of 120 meters which goes down to 7 meters and then elevates again, it reaches top speed of 160kmph (100 mph) in first few seconds only. Sound of air in ears, pressure on body and thrilling speed makes it worth trying (just imagine yourself flying on a motorbike at a speed of 160 kmps, and yes you have no handle its going on its own)

    Age and weight requirements remains same for this too

    Just try to remember what Tarzan or Mogli use to do during our childhood days, its really similar. The jumping platform remains the same as Bungy Jump (83 meters) but the only difference is the safety gear which you wear. You are fitted in a chest harness which is connected to a rope on the top of bungy platform, after initial fall it simply swings like a pendulum which is not at all scary but yes its is really tickling

    Again age and weight requirements remains the same for this too

    Once you are done with all the three activities you can move towards cafeteria to sip a coke and to watch pics and video of your jump before you leave back for Rishikesh.

    Pics will be updated soon


    Bus Ticket (From Laxman Jhoola to bungy zone and from bungy zone to laxman jhoola) INR.200
    Entry Fee INR.100

    After paying for bus ticket and entry free you can select activities which you want to do

    Base Price
    E. Tax @20%
    Bungy Jumping INR. 2250 INR. 450 INR. 2700
    Flying Fox INR. 1333 INR. 267 INR. 1600
    Swing INR. 2250 INR. 450 INR. 2700

    Base Price
    E. Tax @20%
    Combo 1 Bungy+Swing INR. 4000 INR. 800 INR. 4800
    Combo 2 Bungy+Flying Fox INR. 3500 INR. 700 INR. 4200
    Combo 3 Swing+Flying Fox INR. 3500 INR. 700 INR. 4200
    Thrilogy Combo Bungy+Swing+Flying Fox INR. 5000 INR. 1000 INR. 6000

    Let me know if anyone wants to tag along for this trip..

    For any upto date information you may directly contact Jumping Heights phone numbers
    Jumping Zone: +91 7830404067, +91 7830335577
    Marketing Office: +91 7830404067, +91 7830335577

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    There are hardly any laws that make it necessary for the organizers to take care of safety. Safety record in India for adventure sports is pathetic to say the least.

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