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Thread: Care hire in Rishikesh

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    Care hire in Rishikesh


    As I will be in Rishikesh for 3-4 days and will be visiting places around so can somebody give me idea about hiring a car, is it good to book same car for all the days or I should look for day hire only and how much does it cost in Rishikesh

    Suggestions please!

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    Hi Capt.

    Car rental in Rishikesh is somewhere similar to Delhi only, if you hire car (small 4 seater) on daily basis then it would be 8 hours n 80 kms for 800-1000 rupees but if you hire it for complete 4 days then you have to pay 7 rupees per km (minimum 175kms a day) plus 200 rupees per night for driver (which makes 1225+200=1425 rupees per day). It would be better if you hire it on daily basis, there are number of taxi stands there and you can call any taxi stand which is near to your hotel.

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