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Thread: Rafting from Byasi to Rishikesh

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    Rafting from Byasi to Rishikesh

    I started rafting around 9 years ago in 2003 and the things have really changed in these 9 years. The first time I tried my hand on raft was from Shivpuri to Rishikesh which is approx. 16 kms, it was really exciting team activity and a totally safe water sport. If you have already enjoyed rafting from Shivpuri then this time Byasi should be the spot for you, it is around 20kms from Shivpuri and a perfect place to enjoy white water rafting.

    Rafting from Byasi to Rishikesh is around 35kms and it takes 3 hours to complete, this is the map which we clear from Byasi to Rishikesh

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    If you start from Byasi then the only benefit you get is more rapids, more fun and more excitement as the rapids above Shivpuri are way different then the those which you get after Shivpuri, this time we picked J2 Adventures at Byasi and the place was really amazing with nice and courteous owners and guides.

    We started the Rafting at around 11AM

    Rafts at J2 Adventure, Byasi
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    General Brefing before rafing
    Name:  DSCN0414.jpg
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    Quick practice before leaving for the real fun
    Name:  DSCN0417.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN0419.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN0425.jpg
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    After quick practice rafts left Byasi beach and started towards Rishikesh for some real adventure
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    Click near to Three Blink Mice Rapid
    Name:  DSCN0439.jpg
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    A thin but very long waterfall near to Three Blind Mice
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    Rapid near to VNA Resort (Marine Drive)
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    VNA Resort Beach
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    Old bridge at Marine Drive
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    Simply calm looking Ganga at Marine Drive
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    Click from Old Bridge at Marine Drive
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    Name:  DSCN0458.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN0460.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN0462.jpg
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    Marine Drive
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    A beach camp on the way to Rishikesh
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    Another camp near to Rapid
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    It is not the real place for Cliff Jumping but still some guys really wanted to try it here
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    Another rapied on the way
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    Ganga near to Tapovan, where rafting ends
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