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Thread: Where to stay and eat in Varanasi

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    Where to stay and eat in Varanasi

    I am planing a trip to Varanasi in November, probably will be there for a week or two. Primary purpose of my trip is to capture some pictures of ghats, lifestyle and culture, so can anyone suggest me a good place to stay where I can get the wireless internet facility too. Personally I want to stay somewhere near to Ganges but not right next to the ghat as I know it gets crowded and noisy in morning.

    I got to know that eating and carrying non vegetarian food is also not allowed there so can somebody suggest some less spicy Indian food which should not go heavy on stomach. Got to know that consumption of liquor is also not allowed there but found few wine shops in Varanasi (tried google) so is it legally not allowed or can I buy my own booze and have it in my hotel room.. Varanasi seems to be a really confusing place to me

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    There are plenty of places to eat and there are large number of forign tourists aswell so you can make friends when you get there. Hotel really depends on your budget but there are plenty of budget hotels near the ghats. Drinking inside your hotel room is never a problem. Had it been illegal to drink there would be no wine shops.

    There is a large Muslim population aswell at Varanasi and there are plenty of resturants that serve non veg food.

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