Every state or city has its own share of unexplored destinations. One such location is the Ubbalamdugu Falls which is more popularly known as tada falls.Tada falls is approximately 70kms away from Chennai.The most preffered mode of transport is a car or a bike.Buses to tada are also aplenty.Trains from Chennai to sullurpeta are also an option and there’s one available every 2 hours. A car or a bike would be our choice of transport as it is easier on the pocket and reaching the falls region might be a hassle if travelling by public transports.Beyond a point your choice of transport is walking.
Tada falls is a favorite among trekkers.From the main checkpost a 3kms walk will lead you to an small stream which takes a winding path and reaches the base.The stream can be a source of entertainment for non trekkers but for the trekker out there a mud path will lead you to an siva temple.From the temple starts the climb.Trekkers have to navigate through dangerous rocks and cross streams to reach the falls which is an 1hour climb at the least. Remember to pack food and plenty of water before you leave home.Stop reading and Start packing.

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