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Thread: The park best boutique hotel in India,Banglore

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    The park best boutique hotel in India,Banglore

    The Park, Bangalore, one of the first boutique hotels in Bangalore located at Mahatma Gandhi Road exudes luxury, sophistication and intimacy. This Bangalore Hotel provides an elevated standard of style, contemporary design and décor. The state-of-the-art technology and amenities for commerce, leisure and relaxation makes our hotel in Bengaluru an ideal choice for patrons, guests and travellers whether on business, leisure or a weekend retreat.

    The Park Hotel near MG road in Bangalore promises a complete experience with its facilities, restaurants and bars.

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    It is a decent property but calling it the best boutique hotel in India is a bit of a push dont you think? There are plenty of other very good properties not just across India but also within Bangalore. Comparing isint the best thing to do in my opinion. Every property has its pros and cons and so does this one.

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