Bodh Gaya is one of the most famous pilgrim centers present in Bihar in Northern India. Gautama Budddha is said to have enlightenment under a tree in this place. It is referred to as Bodhimandala. The name Bodh Gaya came into use after the 18th century only. It was previously known as Sambodi, Vajrasana or Mahabodhi. It is a perfect place for meditation and prayer and it attracts a huge population of people towards it. The Mahabodhi temple is a famous temple located at this place which pigrims visit in large numbers and is of significant importance to the Buddhists.

The Mahabodhi temple comprises of a diamond throne known as the Vajrasana and the holy Bodhi tree. The temple was considered to be found by Asoka on his visit to this place. The temple comprises of a miniature stupa and a chhatravali on one of the platforms. A large number of offerings are given to this place. It comprises of precious stones and articles. Bodh Gaya is well connected to the main cities nearby and provides comfortable transportation facilities to the tourists. The Mahabodhi temple was first used to be called the Bodhimanda vihara.For people trying to find the missing me this is the apt place.

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