The Sabarmati ashram stands out as a perfect example of how a single individualís effort for non- violence can lead a whole nation to freedom and liberty. It is also known as Gandhi Ashram present in the western coast. The ashram comprises of a museum which is visited by lakhs of people every year. The museum comprises of íMy life my message Ď gallery which contains life-size paintings of Gandhi and historic events in the life of Gandhi. It comprises of a book center which has a large collection books regarding the life of Gandhi, freedom struggle and many such related topics.

A tour through the Gandhi museum comprises of the following, Magan Niwas- the soul of ashram, Uppasanda Mandir- the place where all the ashramites gather together and pray from the Holy Gita and recite hymns. Hriday Kunj- Its like a heart in the body and supplies energy to the entire location. Nandini is the guest house of the ashram. Udyog Mandir is a temple of industry symbolizing the spirit of self reliance and assures dignity of labour. It is well maintained by the Government of India and taken as a national monument. Though simple and calm its silence speaks a lot and attracts numerous tourists towards it.