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Thread: Parks and Gardens in Hyderabad

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    Parks and Gardens in Hyderabad

    Hyderabad is a city that is also famous for its beautiful parks and gardens. It has many exciting gardens and parks to choose from for entertainment and recreation and of course relaxation!
    You can visit the Indira Park and feel refreshed in the cool breeze while enjoying boating in the Hussain Sagar Lake. Plan a trip to the Lumbini Park to view the strikingly charming musical fountains, which are played usually in the evenings.
    The Public Gardens is a beautiful sprawling green garden where one can relax peacefully and also visit those heritage buildings, which are a symbol of cultural and political heritage of Hyderabad. In Sanjeevaiah Park you can find some rare species of roses, which are strikingly beautiful and relaxing to the eyes.

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    Hyderabad is really beautiful city. Here are many places and beautiful park and green gardens. Gardens are very peaceful.

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    There are so many beautiful gardens and parks in Hyderabad. People are going at the Garden for relaxation and exercises. It's NTR Garden, Public Garden, Botanical Garden, Kidwai Garden,India Park, Lumbini Park Sanjeevaiah park etc are best gardens and parks in Hyderabad.

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