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Thread: Beautiful and unexplored beaches in India

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    Beautiful and unexplored beaches in India


    I am heading for India in a month and want to spend around 2 weeks on some beach, but not in Goa as I have already been there.
    I am looking for some nice, less crowded and quieter beach so I think Kerala and Goa are not for me as both the places are tourist destinations in India.
    Please let me know if anyone knows of any such place.


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    Although it has been a while since you started this thread but I believe my reply would help those who come looking for unexplored beaches in India in future. To be honest you wont really find any beaches that are literally unexplored in the true sense but there are plenty of lesser known beaches in India that you might want to have a look at.

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    Sea Beaches in India you should Visit
    1. Kanyakumari Beach
    2. Puri Beach
    3. Vagator Beach
    4. Varkala Beach
    5. Radhanagar Beach
    6. Alappuzha Beach
    7. Kovalam Beach
    8. Beypore Beach

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    You can visit munnar Beach in india. it will be good

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