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Thread: Jaivana cannon Jaigarh Fort

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    Jaivana cannon Jaigarh Fort

    Jaigarh Fort on Cheel ka Tilla (Eagle Hill) was built by Sawai Jai Singh III in 1726 as army base to protect his residence Amer Fort, It is spread in length of 3kms (1.9 mi) and width of 1km (0.62 mi), basic structural design of Jaigarh fort is very much similar to Amer Fort.

    Fort is made up of thick walls of red sandstone with windows, soldier posts and holes in walls to fire outside in any war situation, central watch tower inside the fort provides the excellent view of surrounding landscapes. There are several other major structures inside the fort which consist of gardens, court rooms, halls for army meetings and a big water tank which was used to keep treasure safe inside different compartments and rooms (inside the water tank). Water tank use to get its water supply from rain water harvesting structures in and around the fort which also use to supply water to Jaigarh Fort Lake.

    Armory: It has a wide range of swords, guns, shields, pistols, body armour and a 50kgs (110 lbs) cannon ball of Jaivana cannon on display. Photography inside the armory is not allowed so even we didnt break any rules by taking pictures illegally.

    Museum: Museum is located near to armory which displays photographs of Jaipur's rulers Sawai Bhawani Singh and and Man Singh with some paintings of Raja Madho Singh.

    Jaigarh Fort also features world's biggest cannon on wheels (of early modern era) Jaivana Cannon, the power of this cannon can be guessed by its size and looks only:
    *Weight on barrel only is 50 tonne and it is made up of several metals which include iron, steel, gold, silver and brass.
    *Rests on four wheeled carriage, front wheels are 2.74m and rear wheels are 1.37 m in diameter.
    *Cannon is 31 ft. long and barrel is 20 ft. long.
    *Barrel is raised and lowered by an 8 ft. tall screw, which needs 4 elephants to rotate it on its axis.
    *It needs 12 elephants to change its direction from right to left and vice-versa.
    *It takes power of 40 elephants to move the cannon with carriage.
    *Takes a load of 100kgs (220 lbs) of gun power and shot ball weighing 50kg (110 lbs). One of the cannon shot ball is still on display in Jaigarh fort museum.
    *Cannon got a range of 35 kms (22 mi)

    View of Jal Mahal from Jaigarh Fort
    Name:  20120727_132353.jpg
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    Walls of Jaigarh Fort on Eagle Hills with a view of Aravali
    Name:  20120727_133916.jpg
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    Boundry wall of Jaigarh Fort
    Name:  20120727_133933.jpg
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    View of Arwali mountains, forest and Jal Mahal from Jaigarh Fort
    Name:  20120727_134017.jpg
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    Name:  20120727_134026.jpg
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    View from the corner watch tower of Jaigarh Fort
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    Jaivana Worlds biggest cannon on wheels
    Name:  20120727_134307.jpg
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    Jaivana cannon from back
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    Front wheel of Jaivana cannon carriage
    Name:  20120727_134541.jpg
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    Height and mass of the cannon carriage can be guessed by the man staning near to wheel
    Name:  20120727_134601.jpg
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    Side view of Jaivana Cannon, barrel of cannon is 20ft. long
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    Barrel of Jaivana cannon with a diameter of 11 inch.
    Name:  20120727_134703.jpg
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    Till date royal family of Rajasthan visits cannon to worship and pray, orange marks shows Trishul of lord shiva and Swastik
    Name:  20120727_134716.jpg
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    Artifical rain water harvesting canal which use to fill water tanks inside the fort
    Name:  20120727_134745.jpg
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    Shelter on Jaivana cannon was made to protect it from rain and direct sun light
    Name:  20120727_134806.jpg
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    Central watch tower standing tall on the right and Central water tank. It completes the first stage of water harvesting and it use to be clean during the days of Raj
    Name:  20120727_134927.jpg
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    Walls of fort, slides were made to carry small cannons and for fast and easy access of soldiers
    Name:  20120727_135015.jpg
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    Side wall of Jaigarh fort with boundary and watch towers on top of the hill
    Name:  20120727_135042.jpg
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    Name:  20120727_135055.jpg
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    Gun firing post, it use to provide wide range of target with maximum cover due to its narrow end and wide opening.
    Name:  20120727_135134.jpg
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    Parminder and me outside Jaivana cannon (Thanks to management and authorities of fort that they allowed us to take the car inside which saved a lot of sweating in hot n humid weather of Jaipur).
    Name:  20120727_135359.jpg
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    Central Watch tower with the flag of Sawai Man Singh, fort still belongs to Royal family of Rajasthan.
    Name:  20120727_135435.jpg
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    Water Tank inside the fort where the treasure was kept inside different underwater chambers and rooms.
    Name:  20120727_140216.jpg
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    Jaigarh Fort Armory (photography was not allowed inside so we respected the rules and did not click any picture inside).
    Name:  20120727_145708.jpg
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    This is really very interesting place which I have never seen in my life. This place really awesome.

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