Ajanta Caves is a series of caves located in the Aurangabad District of Maharashtra. An ardent lover of Art will never wish to miss this place. In order to reach Ajanta, you can reach Jalgaon by Train and from there Ajanta is about a 55 Km drive. Recognised by UNESCO, Ajanta is a world famous Historical Monument. There are about 30 caves in Ajanta. These caves are manmade caves and built during 2nd Century. These caves have paintings which depict the early life of the Founder of Buddhism “The Gautama Buddha”. The Painters of the wall paintings were mostly Buddhist Monks and they used pebbles and vegetables found near the hillside to paint.

There are some Tourist attractions near the Ajanta Caves. Some are Ajanta View Point: It gives a Birds eye view of Ajanta. There is a Restaurant near this view point where you can refresh yourselves. Ghatotkach Caves: It is a series of caves which are lesser known and can be accessed only if you are an adventure lover. SUVs will come handy to visit these caves. Vetalwadi Fort: This Fort is an unmanned Fort found near the Ghatotkach Caves.