The sunderbans are located in the north eastern part of the Indian sub-continent near West Bengal. It comprises of national park, tiger reserve as well as a biosphere reserve. It is covered by thick mangrove Bengal tiger. It is also the home for a large variety of bird, reptile and invertebrate species among which specific one is the salt-water crocodile. The national park is comprised of several islands within itself. It is also famous for its numerous floral wealth. It comprises of many species of mangrove vegetation which gives the tourists a pleasing appearance. A particular species of yellow flowers known as the Khalsi provides a visual delight to the travelers who come to this location. It makes this place an awesome and spectacular place for photography.

The sunderbans are also the home to a large number of tigers. The unique speciality of the tigers in this region is that they have adapted in swimming in the saline water. They are world famous for their utmost man eating capability. Several other species of animals are also abundantly present in this region due to the naturally existing forest cover and geographic conditions. Thus the Sunderbans comprises within itself all the salient features which make it a awesome tourist place